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Skeeter Syndrome & Bug Bites This Summer!

Been bitten by a mosquito and now suddenly you have a blister likesore? Dont worry you may be suffering from an allergic reaction to the mosquitos saliva! In this blog we will be talking about how, why and what you can do to both prevent and treat this concern.

How Does Skeeter Syndrome Occur?

Skeeter syndrome is simply just an allergic reaction to a mosquito bite. It causes inflammation within the sore creating excess fluid forming a fluid filled blister.

What Are The Signs and Symptoms?

Before your body gets to the stage of blistering you may feel itchy, sore and red around the area where the mosquito as bitten. There is actually no difference apart from when your body reacts to the saliva within the bite. After this occurs inflammation will cause the body to fill the area and Blister!

How Can I Treat Skeeter Syndrome?

Like every other bug bite that may cause a blister like lesion you must for one not pop it! The reason being is that the body will try to repair the skin underneath the lesion that when out in the open becomes susceptible to infection. The best way to ensure you dont end up with an open wound is to gently cover and wash the area. Betadine is also a great disinfectant and can help kill any germs on the outside. Avoid scratching the area and use a cold compress to help with the itching. If swelling persists, redness and pus begins to appear visit your GP as medications may be needed to help treat the infection.

What Happens If The Blister Bursts or Pops?

Not all is lost but now you are left with an open wound! Be sure not to remove the blister as this helps protect the wound underneath and allows it to heal safely. Be sure to use betadine on the sore to help disinfect the area and use a breathable bandage such a cutifilm to help protect the sore. A light bandage will also help to protect the area without restricting breathability. Be sure to change the the film every couple of days and use salt baths to accelerate wound healing!

How Can I Prevent Skeeter Syndrome?

Prevention is simple! Aerogard spray, long sleeve tops and pants help prevent areas of skin exposed to mosquitos. Be careful of sitting in damp areas over summer or lakes as mosquitos are more prominent in these areas.

How Can Chiropractors Help?

Unfortunately for skin irritation and blistering our team of health care professionals are not able to help ease or increase the rate of healing when it comes to these types of concerns. Although if you are suffering from any muscle or joint aches our team could be the right choice to help!

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