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All About X-rays & Chiropractic!

Are X-rays Always Necessary For Seeing A Chiropractor?

In short, No but of course there can be times when x-rays become a necessity. 

Obviously this all comes down to how the patient first presents and what exactly their overall goals are with visiting a chiropractor

In this blog we will run through reasoning behind getting an x-ray and what they are good for!

When Should X-rays Be Done?

– When there is numbness down a limb

– Sudden changes to posture with severe pain

– Pins and Needles

– Numbness of a body part

– Inability to put pressure through a joint

– Genetic health concerns 

Why Xrays?

Xrays are a fantastic way to look at simple joint changes. It is common to see disc bulges, changes to joint structure and abnormalities within areas of concern!

Should you need an X-ray our team of chiropractors are able to write you a referral to see a radiologist to get the images taken. We will then have a follow up appointment where we go through the Xray to justify whether or not damage has occurred within the area of concern.

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