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What To Expect On Your First Chiropractic Visit!

What to expect from The Melbourne Chiropractor

At The Melbourne Chiropractor in Broadmeadows our team of Chiropractors have created a process that allows them to get to the root of the problem and to help alleviate the pain.

Broadmeadows Chiropractic Clinic

First (Initial) Appointment

On your first visit your chiropractor will do an examination and conduct an assessment which includes:

  • A collection of prior health history
    Our Chiropractors collect information that helps to find imbalances throughout your general health and wellbeing. Sometimes the cause of pain may be from certain movements at work, health or medical conditions or something as simple as bending over and hurting your back. By collating the information we need it allows us to understand what you are experiencing and also use this information to help create a personalised treatment plan.
  • Mobility and Flexibility Tests
    During this part of the examination we aim to move your joints though their range of motion to look out for any restrictions or pain throughout the joint. This can be done in 2 ways, either actively which is done on your own or passively where the chiropractor moves the joint for you.
  • Orthopaedic and neurological tests
    During orthopaedic and neurological examinations, your Chiropractor will go through the following tests:
    – Muscle strength tests and functional tests
    – Pain levels of the region of complaint
    – Nerve function
    – Joint stability and function
  • Posture Assessment
    Your Chiropractor will look out for discrepancies in posture such as scoliosis, kyphosis, rounding of shoulders (poor posture) and other variances throughout the body such as hip or shoulder drop. This enables our Chiropractors to find reasons indicating an issue with poor posture and alignment in regions such as the hips, lower limbs, ankles or feet.
Chiropractic Room in Broadmeadows

Spinal x-rays

  • When there is a reason for it, your Broadmeadows Chiropractor will refer you for Spinal X-rays to get an understanding of the underlying causes to your issue. Your Broadmeadows Chiropractor may also check spinal alignment and any other anomalies present that you were not aware of at the time.

Report of findings

Regular adjustments

  • Chiropractic Adjustments are used to help bring the body back to its natural balance. All adjustments are used to target areas of restriction and to decrease overall tension and alleviate pain within the area.

Progress examinations

  • Progress examinations are a visit created to evaluate your condition and progress throughout the time you have been visiting the clinic. At times if we see only minimal improvements have been made, other modalities such as dry needling or cupping may be implemented to help relieve the pain. Alternatively we may refer you to other health professionals to examine your complaint so that we can get you back on track as quick as we possibly can.
Chiropractic Progress Examination

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