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Can Chiropractors Help Unlevelled Postures?

An Unlevel or “wonky” posture can be due to many different reasons, some of this could be from ongoing pain to just structural deficits that have occurred overtime or since birth.

The 2 Most Common Reasons For an Unlevelled Posture Include:

  • Scoliosis is known to many as being a big issue of posture although it really does depend on its severity. Scoliosis is classified in 2 forms known as structural or functional scoliosis and both have different diagnosis and treatments involved to either manage symptoms or improve an unlevelled spine.
  • Pelvic Tilt is seen allot with people who suffer from low back pain. This could be as simple as tight muscles or a joint dysfunction. There can also be external factors causing these symptoms such as poor footwear or high impact sports causing unwanted changes to the bodies structure and function.

Common Scoliotic Symptoms

Common Pelvic Tilt Symptoms

Can Chiropractors Help With Uneven Postures?

Chiropractors are able to use various treatments and techniques to help reduce tension in areas of restriction and pain. In doing so chiropractors can help with functional scoliosis by making changes to further improve wellbeing. Structural scoliosis becomes more of a management plan that is usually targeting the symptom of pain as well as trying to enhance bodily function to improve things such as flexibility, mobility and strength using both treatment and rehabilitation plans.

4 Ways You Can Manage Your Posture!

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