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Do Posture Supports Really Work?

What is a Posture Support?

Posture Supports are brace like devices that work to keep your back in a straight position. They can help assist posture whilst doing strenuous activities or long hours of bent over work/desk work.

What is considered poor posture?

Poor posture is becoming more common as the world becomes technologically advanced and more sedentary over time. Many of these “poor postures” that we see can be simply from desk work or from looking down at screens for prolonged periods.

Poor Posture Comparisons

What do posture supports do?

Posture supports aim to correct your posture by removing the pressure and the stress accompanied with poor posture. Great for short term but if you are looking for long term outcomes the posture brace may weaken your secondary muscles and overall weaken your upper back further. Also, even though your posture may look great with a posture support on it should only be worn for 3 hours at a time mean that the muscles that should be working to hold the shoulders back naturally no longer have to work to do this.

What can you do to improve your posture instead of posture braces?

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