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Screen Time Affecting Your Health?

Are you someone that spends majority of their time on the phone or in front of a TV? 

Are you noticing your posture is being affected from the hours you spend engaging in screen time?

Are you feeling aches and pains, or maybe even a slight headache?

Then this blog is for you!

In this blog will be discussing why and how screen time affects your posture and ways in which you can improve or even reverse the changes you have made!

What Does Screen Time Mean?

Screen time is any type of device that causes you to sit, watch or use for long periods of time. The obvious ones include a TV or phone but can also be things such as notebooks or gaming consoles.

How Does Screen Time Affect Me?

Screen time affects the body by putting pressure in the spine in uncomfortable positions. In doing so this can lead to postural changes long term, aches and pains or even stress.

How Can I Limit My Screen Time?

The easiest way to limit screen time would be to set an alarm. Usually after every hour it is recommended you take a 5 minute break to stretch and move around.

What If It Is To Late?

If you are someone that knows they have taken their screen time to far it is still possible to revert the changes that have been made. This can be in forms of taking a break from screen time, implementing stretches and exercises throughout daily life or visiting a chiropractor.

How Can A Chiropractor Help?

A Chiropractor can’t help you stop screen timing. Although a good chiropractor is able to help reduce tension, tightness, overall pain and recommend some simple stretches that may be of benefit with long term use.

If you are someone that is struggling with the “screen time aches” then our chiropractors are more than happy to help. We have both male and female practitioners available including remedial massage therapists

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Back To School In 2023!

It’s 2023 and children all over the world are suffering from inadequate posture due to daily activities. These activities carry a burden on your child’s shoulders and decrease their ability to function optimally. Some of the easiest ways to encourage proper posture and limit these stressors will be identified in this blog post!

Back Packs

Back packs cause allot of strain on a child’s posture when it is worn incorrectly. Loose straps and heavy bags increase the amount of load on the spine and in turn create unwanted change to posture long-term. The easiest way to limit this from occurring is to wear a bag with both straps, positioned in the middle of your child’s back with no more than 10% of your child’s total body weight in books inside the bag!

Screen Time

Screen time is a big one when it comes to your child’s posture! Long periods of sitting in awkward positions that cause both neck stiffness and pain should be limited. Having designated times for screen time and even an area that is setup for your children to sit comfortably is a great way to keep them not only entertained but also pain free!

Physical Activity

Physical Activity and exercise are both great ways to get your child moving! Movement is key when it comes to mobilising joints within the body. When kids stop moving and become sedentary not only can it lead to health issues but it can cause unwanted stress on joints of the body! Whether it is a ground sport such as tennis or something as simple as walking it can go a long way when it is put in to a routine.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is great for kids as they are continually jumping and jolting around especially when out on the playground. The amount of pressure some of their joints can sustain may cause injury as time goes on. Our chiropractors are not only able to big up issues with your child’s spinal health but they are able to help improve their postural wellbeing for the better!

If you feel like your child needs help with their posture or is struggling with aches, pains or even headaches our team of experienced chiropractors are here to help get them back on track!

Our clinic also offers pregnancy care and paediatric care for children under the age of 3 and have practitioners who have specialised in this field to give the most optimal care!

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Top 4 Gym Exercises For Posture

Gym is know by everyone as a place of fitness but what type of fitness works best for your posture?

In this blog we will explain the top 4 gym exercises which you should be doing today to help improve your posture and strengthen your back!

What Type Of Exercise Is Best For Posture?

Any type of movement is great if you want to relieve tension although not just any type of exercises will help improve your posture. There is a fine line between what works and what doesn’t help at all! Our top 4 exercises involve strength and hypertrophy training to achieve postural results over a 6 month period!

What Are The Top 4 Gym Exercises For Posture?


– Lat Pulldowns or Pullups

– Seated or Standing Rows

– Rear Deltoid Flys

How Should I Best Implement These Exercises Into My Program?

The best way to start an exercise program is to consult a personal trainer to help out with your form. The main goal behind working out is to get the most out of an exercise without overdoing it! If you are someone with lifting experience it is always best to begin with a compound lift such as a deadlift before working on supplementary lifts such as your Lat pull downs.

Will Strength Exercises Really Help My Posture?

Most of the time postural change is due to stress and incorrect posture either at a desk or job site.

By working out muscles that have overcompensated due to this it is very likely that by strengthening and building the area up that it will help correct posture!

How Does Chiropractic Care Help?

Chiropractic care is known as one of the “postural fixes” when it comes to functional issues. 9 times out of 10 function is what causes unlevelled and swayed like postures.

The goal of Chiropractic care is to eliminate tension within spinal segments and decrease muscular tightness to free up areas of concern!

If you are someone that is currently suffering from a postural complaint and are looking for help give our clinic a call on 9302 1023 or book in your first appointment with us to see how we can get you back on track!

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Do Posture Supports Really Work?

What is a Posture Support?

Posture Supports are brace like devices that work to keep your back in a straight position. They can help assist posture whilst doing strenuous activities or long hours of bent over work/desk work.

What is considered poor posture?

Poor posture is becoming more common as the world becomes technologically advanced and more sedentary over time. Many of these “poor postures” that we see can be simply from desk work or from looking down at screens for prolonged periods.

Poor Posture Comparisons

What do posture supports do?

Posture supports aim to correct your posture by removing the pressure and the stress accompanied with poor posture. Great for short term but if you are looking for long term outcomes the posture brace may weaken your secondary muscles and overall weaken your upper back further. Also, even though your posture may look great with a posture support on it should only be worn for 3 hours at a time mean that the muscles that should be working to hold the shoulders back naturally no longer have to work to do this.

What can you do to improve your posture instead of posture braces?

*Note: If you are suffering from severe Neck pain, Low back pain, shooting pains down the legs, troubles lifting limbs due to poor posture, sciatica, headaches or joint pain and need help today, don’t hesitate to contact our team of practitioners who are always happy to help! Bookings are available online 7 days a week! https://themelbournechiropractor.com.au/book-now