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All About Exercise

Exercise… What Is It?

Exercise is a form of physical activity that involves the person to move, stretch or exert some type of physical force to expend energy. Exercise is usually used to help increase performance, mobility and flexibility depending on the task at hand. Exercise can also be referred to as training where the main goal is to focus on an area of weakness and slowly improve it overtime for long term change. This may involve things such as cardiovascular health, bodily strength, conditioning, weight loss or even flexibility.

The Melbourne Chiropractors Approach to Exercise!

Exercise is used as a functional tool for us as chiropractors. Depending on what you do throughout the day or add into your lifestyle will allow us to predict things such as why certain injuries are occurring or how you can better improve your ongoing exercise regime by adding other types of skills to enhance your wellbeing.

What Are Signs/Symptoms That Exercise Is Killing Your Gains?

5 Misbeliefs In Exercise

  • No Pain No Gain! – Usually ends up being more pain and little gain!
  • More Work Is Better! – Unfortunately overtraining is a thing to much can be detrimental to performance gains.
  • Training Harder Every Time! – Changing exercises over a period of time is better than continually changing as the body will never adapt
  • Sweating It Out! – If you are sick it is never a good idea to train, if anything you will feel allot worse after it
  • Copying Training Splits – Everyone is different and starting slow is always a great way of figuring where your physical needs are to be met.

3 Tips To Improve Your Exercises

  • Create a support network (Hire a coach, exercise with friends)
  • Research exercises that you enjoy and give them a go!
  • Don’t push past your limits every session, pace yourself!

4 Simple Ways To Break A Plateau!

  • Change the type of exercise you are performing
  • Increase the intensity
  • Slow down the repetitions or increase the time of the exercise
  • Improve your technique or form (Hire a Coach or Watch How To Online)

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