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Why Should We Exercise?

Exercise is a physical activity which causes us to expend energy. In doing so it helps create function and mobility depending on the type of exercise that is being participated in. The idea around exercise is to enhance the body’s functional and physical abilities. Whether it is cardiovascular health, mobility, endurance or just trying to look better.

What Is Our Team’s Approach To Exercise?

Exercise is a fundamental building block to engage and strengthen areas of weakness throughout the musculoskeletal system. Our goal as chiropractors is to use exercises that are generalised to begin with and then work on weaknesses individually according to the persons preferences. Not one exercise is guaranteed to have an optimal outcome in every individual hence why a variety of different stretches and strengthening activities are implemented throughout ones care plan.

What Are Signs Exercise Is Negatively Impacting You?

–     Continuous Injury

–     Increased Stress

–     Changes to cognitive state

–     Decrease in functional performance

5 Common Misconceptions Regarding Exercise

  • The more you do the better
  • The harder you train the better
  • No pain No gain!
  • Cookie Cutter programs
  • Sweating it out

5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Exercise Activities

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