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Can Chiropractors Help With Muscle Pain?

Our team at The Melbourne Chiropractor use various methods to help treat a plethora of conditions that include muscular pain and tightness. One of our goals as a chiropractor is to assess your function and trace back the underlying cause of your immobility or in most cases, your underlying symptom. 

The reasoning behind working with a chiropractor isnt just because you might have a “stuck joint” in your neck or back but because you are dealing with symptoms of tightness and muscle pain that is affecting you with day to day activity.

There are many different therapies our chiropractors can help manage your muscle pain such as soft tissue therapy, stretching and mobilisations to the area and prescription of both stretches and exercises to help build up any weak muscles in the area and lengthen them out to improve overall mobility and symptomatic pain.

If you are someone that is suffering from muscular pain our chiropractors are more than happy to help get you back on track! We also have our remedial massage therapists and myotherapists that can help assist with your muscular pain depending on the severity of the injury!

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