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Top 4 Gym Exercises For Posture

Gym is know by everyone as a place of fitness but what type of fitness works best for your posture?

In this blog we will explain the top 4 gym exercises which you should be doing today to help improve your posture and strengthen your back!

What Type Of Exercise Is Best For Posture?

Any type of movement is great if you want to relieve tension although not just any type of exercises will help improve your posture. There is a fine line between what works and what doesn’t help at all! Our top 4 exercises involve strength and hypertrophy training to achieve postural results over a 6 month period!

What Are The Top 4 Gym Exercises For Posture?


– Lat Pulldowns or Pullups

– Seated or Standing Rows

– Rear Deltoid Flys

How Should I Best Implement These Exercises Into My Program?

The best way to start an exercise program is to consult a personal trainer to help out with your form. The main goal behind working out is to get the most out of an exercise without overdoing it! If you are someone with lifting experience it is always best to begin with a compound lift such as a deadlift before working on supplementary lifts such as your Lat pull downs.

Will Strength Exercises Really Help My Posture?

Most of the time postural change is due to stress and incorrect posture either at a desk or job site.

By working out muscles that have overcompensated due to this it is very likely that by strengthening and building the area up that it will help correct posture!

How Does Chiropractic Care Help?

Chiropractic care is known as one of the “postural fixes” when it comes to functional issues. 9 times out of 10 function is what causes unlevelled and swayed like postures.

The goal of Chiropractic care is to eliminate tension within spinal segments and decrease muscular tightness to free up areas of concern!

If you are someone that is currently suffering from a postural complaint and are looking for help give our clinic a call on 9302 1023 or book in your first appointment with us to see how we can get you back on track!

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Top Tips For Holiday Goers!

When we travel we tend to throw out our exercise regime and forget about our posture. This usually leads to us suffering with various aches and pains. To combat this we have put together a couple of ways to help decrease your chances of holiday aches!

Using Public Transport

  • Stretch every hour to decrease tightness throughout the trip
  • Try to keep your back supported and try not to hunch
  • Keep hydrated!
  • Move as often as you can whilst on a bus, train or tram if possible

Sitting on a plane

  • Sit in the aisle if possible to allow extra movement
  • Use head support or u pillow around the neck for support
  • Careful with lifting your luggage. Bend your knees!
  • Stretch every hour if possible, get moving!
  • Keep hydrated!
  • Be aware of the time zone, try to rest when its appropriate to avoid jetlag

Sleeping In Different Environments

  • Avoid tummy sleeping as it is not a neutral position for your neck.
  • Avoid sleeping on couches or chairs
  • Bring a pillow
  • Be careful of cooling the room overnight
  • Stretch after sleeping
  • Keep hydrated!

If the holidays have got the better of you and you are suffering from headachesneck pain or low back pain or may think you are someone suffering from changes due to your posture! You can always contact us or book online @ https://themelbournechiropractor.com.au/book-now

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Why Does My Pain Keep Coming Back?

Are you experiencing continuous neck or back pain that seems to come and go? If so, this is a chronic issue that can be very common as the body likes to adapt to certain stressors put upon it that forces the body to change in a way to avoid pain or further damage.

The body developing changes occurs over a period of time in small instances. Patterns begin to develop and this can be from injuries in the past, poor posture, daily activities, work related issues or lack of mobility in an area. 

Your musculoskeletal system creates new patterns to help decrease pain although in doing so it tightens up and creates stiffness around the spine in turn altering function. This then creates a problem that can cause postural changes and possible acute episodes of pain. As mentioned before many of these issues may be caused by work posture, lifting incorrectly, a poor pillow or poor sleeping conditions. This can usually cause issues such as neck pain, low back soreness and a decrease in both flexibility and mobility of certain regions of the body.

This can become an issue and should be addressed as soon as possible so that the source of pain can be addressed and a health professional can help correct the issue and influence the body in making the right changes to get back on track!

Low Back Pain Causing a Shift In Posture

What can you do?

  • Seek advice early as it may help decrease the severity of your chronic episode and also prevent it from getting worse.
  • Relapses can be minimised by getting regular check ups to ensure mobility through the joints and tension throughout the muscle is decreased.
  • Being aware of acute episodes or tightness that continues to reoccur and finding a health professional early on before things progress.
  • Find the underlying cause of pain as at times you may find the source of the pain may not be in the area you are feeling it!

When should you seek help?

  • When Numbness or tingling occurs
  • Sharp or shooting pains down either arms or legs 
  • Occurrence of Migraines and Headaches
  • Continuous pain that’s on and off
  • Pain that’s getting worse over time
  • Joint pain or stiffness
  • Changes to posture or scoliosis
  • Pain becoming more frequent and more severe 
  • Pain that is not eased by rest 
  • Pain that’s waking you up at night 
  • Changes in urination
Migraines and Headaches Caused by Tension

*Note – The longer you take to recognise your pain and do something about it the worse it may get. Getting to the root of the problem early on is ideal as it will help eliminate not only the pain but also enhance overall wellbeing. Get in contact with our team at The Melbourne Chiropractor today and lets get you back on track today!