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What Is the Best Pillow For Neck Pain?

About Neck Pain –

There are three main types of neck pain which may include:

  1. Acute Neck pain = Neck pain that is usually severe and has been going on for the last 72 hours is considered acute
  2. Sub acute Neck pain = Neck pain that has continued for the last 2 weeks either on or off or consistently painful with movement.
  3. Chronic neck pain = Neck pain that has continuous episodes of pain over a monthly period.

Common causes of neck pain

  • Muscular dysfunction or tightness
  • Poor posture
  • Structural changes
  • Strains or sprains
  • Poor sleeping posture
  • Car accidents or sporting injuries that result in whiplash

Common symptoms of neck pain

  • Stiffness and pain in the neck
  • Difficulty moving your neck
  • Unexplained headaches
  • Tight Muscles within the area
  • Poor posture

If you are someone who is suffering with neck pain and are reading this blog then our recommendation would be to see a Chiropractor or another health care professional to see how you can be helped! The earlier you choose to make a change to your neck pain the better off you will be as being proactive to the causes of neck pain can limit the amount of degeneration and damage you could be causing!

Do pillows help you sleep better?

There are two important factors that determine a good night’s sleep!

1. The position you sleep in

It is recommended to either side sleep or sleep on your back. Sleeping on your stomach is not ideal as it puts allot of strain in the neck area and can cause issues.

2. The pillow you use

The pillow you need is one that allows you to lay your head on to it without bending your neck or tilting it either side. There are allot of pillows around that can support your neck although finding the right one can be hard to do. If you are struggling and need assistance our team are more than happy to help you in the clinic to fit you out with the correct pillow for your posture.

What is the correct height for a pillow?

Diagram of Correct Pillow Height

All pillows are different and the correct pillow for you will not be the correct pillow for someone else as people sleep differently and may have broader shoulders than someone else.

What Makes A Good Pillow?

The most important factors when looking for a pillow include:

  • Head and neck support in a neutral position
  • No space between the neck, shoulder and pillow
  • Dense materials are great like memory foam although to hard can be problematic
  • A contoured pillow that is comfortable is ideal for sleeping on
Contoured Pillow For Side Sleeping

What Makes A Bad Pillow?

  • Pillow offers no support for your head and neck
  • Pillow moves you out of neutral spine posture when sleeping
  • Pillow is not breathable or dense.

Pillows usually last up to 2 years as they begin to sag and begin not to hold as well as before. Washing your pillow regularly also helps maintain its freshness and allows it to reman hygienic for many more sleeps.

Do Bad Pillows Cause Neck Pain?

A “Bad Pillow” is a primary cause of neck pain as sleeping in a position that strains the muscles in your neck for hours at a time can do more damage to you then sleeping on a couch! The reasoning behind this is that poor sleeping posture for prolonged periods will aggravate just about anything in your body let alone the neck. Changing your pillow is just an extra step to help correct your poor posture as this is a habit that becomes continuous and may be bringing at risk for episodes of neck pain.

Should You Get A New Pillow?

A new pillow may be a drastic change although if you are someone who is experiencing neck pain this may be the change you need to kick start your journey to better health. It is important that you look around for the best quality pillow and don’t cheap out on something that is there to support your neck for years to come! If you are having trouble finding something that best suits you our team at The Melbourne Chiropractor have various pillows in stock that can be fitted before buying.


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