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How Can You Improve Your Postural Wellbeing?

Poor Posture is a blanket term used for many different types of postural issues or distortions.

Not one type of posture is the same and this comes down to the fact that everyone uses their bodies differently depending on lifestyle habits and choices!

Because of this it is common for our team of chiropractors to see different aches and pains that have risen due to poor posture.

In this blog we will list the 5 ways in which poor posture can affect your wellbeing and how you can improve them for the better!

1- Decreased flexibility and mobility

2 – Increased risk of injury and pain

3 – Decreased Breathing Capacity

4 – Reduction in height due to increased kyphosis

5 – Increased stress

How Can You Improve Your Postural Wellbeing?

When our body is put into a strained position for long periods in awkward positions we should be mindful of this. By making the changes earlier on and using ergonomic seating protocols and ensuring long hours of seating be prohibited we will find a decrease in overall tightness by the end of the work day.

Engaging in a workout regime and getting the body moving is always a great way of getting started with your postural wellbeing. Any type of movement which involves the expenditure of energy will keep you motovated to do more throughout your day.

Being mindful of lifting technique on the job site is always a simple way of making sure you don’t aggravate or hurt yourself. When the damage is done it is hard to go back hence why when things get severe most health professionals may only be able to manage your pains!

If you are someone that is suffering from a sudden ache or an uncomfortable headache our  experienced team of chiropractors or remedial massage therapists may be able to help you out today!

You can book online at either one of our 3 clinics in Broadmeadows, Westmeadows or Fawkner with a male or female practitioner of your choice!



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