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The Teenage Hunch!

Is Your Child Suffering From The Teenage Hunch?

It seems to be quite common that by the age of 13, 80% of adolescents have developed some type of hunch in the upper back!

Due to the ongoing changes in life, society is forcing us to become wired to a phone or computer. This is causing more and more of these “kyphotic” postures to occur. 

Thankfully there are a few ways to help combat the hunch!

Our 3 Ways To Prevent Hunching!

Ergonomic seating (using phones and tablets at eye level)

Avoid Slouching (At the desk or on the couch)

Get Exercising! (Simple and effective way to get the body moving)

What Happens When It’s To Late?

Good news is kyphotic or hunch like postures are usually due to a functional issue! This means that our team of chiropractors are able to use specific adjustments to help make changes to the structure of the spine and alleviate the tension within the spinal segments. Of the hunch is due to a severe injury or structural abnormality it becomes very difficult to make those changes although catching things like this at an early stage can help manage the issue before it gets worse!

If you feel that your teen is suffering from hunch like symptoms our practitioners are here to help! 

We have chiropractors that are available specifically for infants and children with the ability to run you through different treatment plans to fulfill your child’s needs!

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