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How Your Chiropractor Can Help With Stress!

About Stress

We all become stressed at some time or another and it’s only when your stress levels remain high that it can be damaging to your health and cause pain. Different circumstances affect different people so what stresses one person might not be the same for another. No matter where your stress arises from, the good news is our team at The Melbourne Chiropractor can help.

Why am I so stressed?

Stress usually comes from three areas of life: work, relationships, money. But it can include health problems, pain and postural changes of the spine caused by injury or even stress itself. When we overthink and worry about things tension is built up in the spinal regions. Stress can also be caused by long lasting mental or emotional strain and pressure caused by adverse events, or very demanding life circumstances.

How Do I Know I Am Stressed?

If you are someone who is not coping with stress it can have an adverse effect on the whole body: emotionally, physically and mentally. The more common stress symptoms are:

  • muscle tension
  • chest pain
  • anxiety
  • pain in the lower back
  • lack of focus
  • problems sleeping
  • depression
  • indigestion/reflux
  • tiredness
  • headaches
  • feeling overwhelmed
  • over or under-eating

Can a Chiropractor Decrease Stress?

Chiropractic treatment is able to relieve you of the symptoms. As the body endures more stress it makes it a lot more sensitive to imbalances of a physical nature and to pain. Our Chiropractors can help you reach your functional goals by mobilizing the spinal joints and decreasing tightness in the surrounding musculature, thus relieving pain. When tension builds in your body, the outcome is more often than not soreness or a feeling of tightness in a variety of places.

How often do I need to visit a Chiropractor?

It depends on your circumstances which can include whether or not you are in acute or chronic pain, if you have been suffering from stress for a certain period of time and how often you have been treated in the past. It is always beneficial to have a burst of treatment to start as this enables you to get on top of the problem sooner and decrease its severity in a shorter time frame. Management protocols on a fortnightly or monthly basis can help eliminate stress and keeps you on track to live a better healthier lifestyle.


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