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Does Working Out Improve Posture?

Improving posture is not an easy task hence why a majority of patients see chiropractors to help decrease unwanted curvature throughout the spine. Usually when a spinal joint has been restricted in a position for a prolonged period of time it can cause the body to automate it’s function and create change to the region affected. This change can cause pain, limited movement and postural distortions. Unfortunately it is not as easy to fix as joining a gym and pumping some weights and in this blog we will explain why and how we can make these changes for the better!

Why Doesn’t Exercise Change Posture?

Have you ever seen a hunchback at the gym? Look around, guaranteed there will be a beefed up individual with a slump like posture and this can be due to the fact of spinal joint restrictions throughout the spine. Yes, working the muscles strengthens the surrounding area although muscles are only one part of the problem! Majority of the patients that come in have very little drive to start gym routines and lift weights and hence why chiropractic care can be beneficial with prescribed therapies and recommendations to make change!

How Can We Make Changes To Posture?

The biggest way of making change is to locate the restricted joints in the spine and either seeking professional help to mobilise the area or you can part take in stretching and mobility training such as yoga and Pilates.

How Can Chiropractors Help With Posture?

A chiropractor can help with posture by using adjustments in specific joints to help remobilise them almost instantly. With the help of spinal adjustments and mobility exercises, posture is able to improve as a whole. To figure out how bad posture is both a posture scan and X-Ray will be taken if necessary to see how bad the degeneration is aswell as any other anomalies unseen from the naked eye.

If you are someone that is suffering from a hunch back or other postural deficit, reach out to one of our chiropractic specialists at The Melbourne Chiropractor and lets help correct and stabilize your spine again!

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