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5 Benefits Of Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage is a technique that is used by trained professionals. A degree must be obtained prior to being able to provide such a service and professionals who engage in this type of work are closely monitored like any other allied health professional.

The main focus of Remedial Massage is to decrease the tightness of muscles and stop the body from cramping. 

In this blog we will be listing 5 benefits obtained by getting worked on by a remedial massage therapist and how they can work in together with Chiropractors!

Why should you see a Remedial Massage Therapist?

As we discussed above decreasing tension throughout the musculoskeletal system has so many benefits that go further than just feeling loose. Remedial Massage therapy also helps to relax the body whilst being an easily accessible service that can cater for all walks of life, including during pregnancy!

5 Benefits Of Remedial Massage

Decreases Stress and Anxiety

Reduces headaches and neck Tension

Reduces low back pain and sciatica

– Increases Athletic Performance and Increases Mental Focus

– Reduces Fluid Retention

How Can Our Team Of Remedial Therapists & Chiros Work Together?

A Chiropractors main goal is to work of the bodies structure. By making changes to the underlying issue it can be quite strenuous on the surrounding musculature. Even though Chiropractors can worl on the muscles and stretch out areas of concern they are unable to spend more than 30 minutes of their time working on tight and tender muscles!

This is where Remedial Massage Therapists come in to play as it is essential to further loosen where the chiropractor has just adjusted including the surrounding muscles to help alleviate and sooth anything that may still be strained in the region. It is common to have both joint and muscular imbalances throughout the skeletal systeam hence why it may be beneficial to have a dedicated team that can offer both services!

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