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A Day At The Races!

Melbourne Cup 2023 is here but wait have you bought your winning ticket? The point of this blog isn’t really about the races…. What it is really about is the awkward positions you will be in, the amount of screaming and drinking you will be doing and the after affects of all this and obviously how to better prepare yourself for the Melbourne Cup of 2023!

What To Bring To The Races!

There are many things but obviously slip slop slap! This Tuesday on the 7th of November we will be hitting a scorching 29 degrees in Melbourne. This is great weather for the cup but we have to make sure we are wearing sunglasses, hats and of course a nice outfit to fit into the crowd of horse racing! Sunscreen is the number one thing to remember this Tuesday and lets be honest finding a great spot to sit and protect yourself from not only the harsh weather but save yourself from a bad back the next morning is a must!

What Will Be The Aftermath Of The Races?

This is all dependant on whether or not you took care of yourself on the day! It is not uncommon for allied health professionals to get an urgent call the next day for sore back and especially falls from poor drinking decisions. Safeguard yourself and monitor not only your alcohol consumption but also look after your mates on the day of the races!

How Can Chiropractors Help?

For once this is just an accident waiting to happen kind of scenario. Our chiropractors work on musculoskeletal injuries hence why the Melbourne Cup is a great day for our team of specialists. No matter how bad the problem is our chiropractors or remedial massage therapists will be able to walk you through various treatment options and assess your physical wellbeing. If X-rays are required… which hopefully would not be needed they can be taken externally through a referral from us!

If you are someone that finds themselves in a bit of strife either on Melbourne Cup Day or the day after our team of chiropractors will be available across our locations in Melbourne. Give our team a call on 9302 1023 or book online to find a time that suits you best!

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5 Benefits Of A Hot Stone Massage!

Hot Stone Massage is a technique that uses stones to create heat during soft tissue treatment

5 benefits of Hot Stone Massage!

– Decrease Stress

– Improve Sleep

– Alleviate Muscle Tension

– Increase Blood Flow

– Relaxation

Is Hot Stone Massage Better Than Remedial Massage?

Hot stone massage adds the element of heat which allows for relaxation although remedial massage allows for the reduction of tight knots throughout a muscle.

How Do I Know What Massage To Choose?

Depending on your goals of treatment will determine what massage is best. If your goal is relaxation then hot stone massage is a fantastic way of having that done. Although if you are looking at reducing tension throughout your muscular system and think that you are suffering from cramps and other aches and pains, then something like a remedial massage or deep tissue massage will be allot more effective!

Why Not Do Both?

Thankfully at our clinic our practitioners use both hot stone and deep tissue techniques together to get the best results! With the added heat to help with relaxation and the effect of deep tissue on tight muscle our practitioners are able to eliminate muscle stiffness!

If you are looking for a qualified remedial massage therapist our team are able to help!

You can book your first appointment online or call 0302 1023 to find out more.

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Fawkner Remedial Massage Therapy

The Melbourne Chiropractor in Fawkner is now offering remedial massage!

Our Fawkner practice has Remedial Massage services to cater for those suffering from a range of musculoskeletal conditions. 

Our qualified practitioners also have experience in pregnancy massage, hot stones, dry needling, deep tissue therapy and cupping therapy services.

Remedial Massage techniques involve deep tissue therapy targeting areas of stress throughout the entire body!

The main use of remedial massage is to target areas causing pain. This includes areas that are cramping, causing muscle aches and many other pains such as neck and shoulder pain!

If you are currently dealing with low back pains or headaches our qualified remedial massage therapists are able to assess and treat your area of concern! For more information you can visit themelbournechiropractor.com.au to find out more about our chiropractors and other conditions we can help treat!

You can book online at either one of our 3 clinics in BroadmeadowsWestmeadows or Fawkner with a male or female practitioner of your choice!




5 Benefits Of Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage is a technique that is used by trained professionals. A degree must be obtained prior to being able to provide such a service and professionals who engage in this type of work are closely monitored like any other allied health professional.

The main focus of Remedial Massage is to decrease the tightness of muscles and stop the body from cramping. 

In this blog we will be listing 5 benefits obtained by getting worked on by a remedial massage therapist and how they can work in together with Chiropractors!

Why should you see a Remedial Massage Therapist?

As we discussed above decreasing tension throughout the musculoskeletal system has so many benefits that go further than just feeling loose. Remedial Massage therapy also helps to relax the body whilst being an easily accessible service that can cater for all walks of life, including during pregnancy!

5 Benefits Of Remedial Massage

Decreases Stress and Anxiety

Reduces headaches and neck Tension

Reduces low back pain and sciatica

– Increases Athletic Performance and Increases Mental Focus

– Reduces Fluid Retention

How Can Our Team Of Remedial Therapists & Chiros Work Together?

A Chiropractors main goal is to work of the bodies structure. By making changes to the underlying issue it can be quite strenuous on the surrounding musculature. Even though Chiropractors can worl on the muscles and stretch out areas of concern they are unable to spend more than 30 minutes of their time working on tight and tender muscles!

This is where Remedial Massage Therapists come in to play as it is essential to further loosen where the chiropractor has just adjusted including the surrounding muscles to help alleviate and sooth anything that may still be strained in the region. It is common to have both joint and muscular imbalances throughout the skeletal systeam hence why it may be beneficial to have a dedicated team that can offer both services!

*If you are someone that id currently suffering from aches and pains, headaches or migraines, be sure to give our clinics a call on 9302 1023 or visit any of our locations in Broadmeadows, Westmeadows or Fawkner. Alternatively you can book now and we can get you back on track as soon as possible!




Can Chiropractors Help With Back Pain?

Back pain is known as the most common cause of bodily pain in Australia. It affects up to 90% of the population at least once throughout their life. There are many different forms of back pain ranging from acute to chronic with various symptoms associated with it. They may include radiating pain down the legs or pins and needles in lower body regions.

The Most Common Causes of Back Pain Include:

Low Back Pain Causing Dysfunction

How to help manage back pain

There are several things you can do that may help prevent and manage back pain:

  • Ice or Heat can provide relief in the acute stages (<48 hours).
  • Stretches and exercises specific for low back pain can help improve or even decrease pain.
  • Keep heavy lifting minimal and when doing so using correct technique to do so (knees bent).
  • Keeping active such as a simple walk and decreasing seated activity helps increase mobility and flexibility throughout the area.
  • Visit your allied health professional and see how they can implement certain techniques to alleviate your back pain.
Using Correct Lifting Techniques

5 ways Chiropractors may be able to help with back pain

Chiropractic care can help alleviate low back pain using just a few ways below:

Spinal Adjustments

Our Chiropractor will assess the areas that are restricted within the spine in both the upper and lower sections to ensure they correct the dysfunctions identified. This will help improve function in the area by reducing tension and alleviating the pain causing the issue. Surrounding areas will also be assessed to ensure that they are not pulling or twisting the area in an unnatural position causing what we think to be the “main” cause of back pain.

Low Back Stretches and Exercises

Low Back exercises and Low Back Stretches may be implemented to help assist with building strength and maintaining flexibility throughout the area of concern. The exercises will be tailored towards what areas of the body need exercise and stretches although general exercises will be given aswell to ensure that the patient has a variety to choose from to suit their needs.

Remedial Massage Therapy, Dry Needling or Cupping

If needed our chiropractors may refer you to our remedial massage therapists or even implement other modalities such as Dry Needling or Cupping to help decrease muscle tightness, especially for people suffering with low back pain.

Posture Checks

Our Chiropractors at The Melbourne Chiropractor understand that different modalities should be used to help alleviate pain and discomfort. there is not one recipe that works for every patient hence why our clinic has various practitioners performing different types of chiropractic care. Posture for low back pain can be a big problem and this is why our chiropractors will check for instability within the hips, changes to toe in and toe out of the foot and changes to upper back and lower back curvature. It is common to find underlying postural related issues that can have an impact long term on recovering from back pain hence why our team take a holistic approach to chiropractic care to ensure everything gets done the right way from the beginning.

Doctor Referrals or Specialists

Our Broadmeadows Chiropractor especially has worked with patients of surgeons who have had spinal fusions or surgeries related to previous low back pain. What we find is patients who have had surgery before have a limitation in low back movement hence why we try to alleviate the tension associated with the area that has been fused. At times we also may refer patients out to surgeons to get a second set of eyes to look at the situation although most of the time we will refer to a doctor to get the right information to proceed. Most times our team of chiropractors will refer for an X-ray and create a report before sending a patient of to a GP for further testing.

If you are someone who is suffering from low back pain and doesn’t know where to start, or wondering what to expect on your first chiropractor visit, our team of chiropractors or remedial massage therapists are more than happy to help you get back on track. You can always contact us or book online @ https://themelbournechiropractor.com.au/book-now


Improve Your Health with Chiropractic Care!

You have just visited an allied health professional and your feeling allot better now! But, question is…. Will you be doing anything different to what you were doing before? If your answer is No then it may be ideal to keep an appointment for later on in the month to combat these pain episodes that have been bringing you down!

Pain is a signal coming from the body that alerts us that we are doing something wrong. Hence why we should aim to make changes to combat pain by altering our lifestyle (especially those bad habits!)

Chiropractic Care and How It Can Improve Your Wellbeing?

At The Melbourne Chiropractor we acknowledge that continuous episodes of pain are to be managed over a period of time. This can be done with Chiropractic adjustments, Remedial Massage, Cupping or Dry Needling just to name a few although with allot of these issues exercises and stretches are implemented to help maintain the best of postures and pain free activities overtime. Most commonly patients seek chiropractic care for neck pain, back pain, headaches and repetitive strain injuries/overuse.

Our team of practitioners offer wellness care for those who are willing to take their wellbeing to the next level. This incorporates a plan that helps to reduce reoccurrences of episodes from pain and increase overall mobility and function of the body. Advice on daily living activities such as work posture, lifting biomechanics and sleeping are all things our team look into to improve your wellbeing for many years to come.

Chiropractic Care

What Is Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic Care involves the movement of joints back to a normal position where the body is then able to move effectively. Tension is also decreased from the area as tight muscles are relieved and an increase in mobility and flexibility can be seen almost instantly. There are many different techniques that a chiropractor may use including manual adjustments, low force techniques, trigger point therapy, dry needling, prescribe exercises, prescribe stretching or mobilisations in the area of complaint.

Our team of practitioners at The Melbourne Chiropractor strive to get functioning to the best of your abilities. By getting to the bottom of the problem early on it will be easier to tackle the complaint in a shorter period of time.

Our Broadmeadows, Westmeadows and Fawkner Clinics are Open Weekends and Bookings are available online!

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Dry Needling and Its Benefits!

Our daily routines effect the way our bodies adapt to stresses, at times these adaptations can turn into episodes of pain and create unwanted postural changes or even irritations of certain areas under stress. The 3 key factors that usually cause a decline in musculoskeletal health include a difficult/stressful working environment, bad sleeping routine and limited physical activity.

The body can only keep up for so long before it crashes. When it does you may begin to feel sore and tight, maybe even get headaches or unwanted low back tension. Therefore it is ideal to keep yourself in check to help maintain areas that are not able to keep up with the demands needed daily.

Dry Needling comes into play here as it helps to relieve pain and soreness in the affected muscles. Usually they are placed in areas where there are trigger points and they can be reduced to give relief!

About Dry Needling

Dry needling can be used for a variety of musculoskeletal problems, neuromuscular dysfunction, muscle imbalances and pain syndromes. Therapy is specifically aimed to help with muscular pain, myofascial pain syndrome, hypertonic and tender muscles, overuse injury, painful tendons, tender ligaments and more.

Many muscular related conditions are thought to be a primary contributing factor to pain and other related symptoms. These conditions include, but are not limited to neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, arm pain, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, golfer’s elbow, headaches, migraines and tension-type headaches, jaw pain, buttock pain, pelvic pain, leg pain, sciatica, hamstrings strains, calf tightness/spasms.

Benefits of Dry Needling?

  • Pain relief
  • Decreased Stress
  • Promotion of healing
  • Increased range of motion
  • Increased Flexibility
  • Increased circulation of blood
  • Allows for muscle release
  • Helps with the bodies biomechanics
  • Increased strength and overall function of the area
  • Can be used on hard to release muscle areas (muscle strain, tendon injuries, TMJ)
Able To Enjoy Daily Activities (Decreased Tension)

What Is Trigger Point Dry Needling?

Dry needling is the use of either solid filiform needles or hollow-core hypodermic needles, to be inserted directly into the trigger points and muscle bundles to act as a stimulant from underneath the skin.

The process of dry needling, either with or without Myotherapy Massage will help to increase circulation and blood flow, thus speeding up repair of the area and its surrounding tissues.

What Does Trigger Point Dry Needling Do?

Dry needling of a trigger point will elicit an involuntary reflex in the muscle fibres which forces blood, oxygen and inflammation into the muscle. In turn, the nerve endings in the muscle will be stimulated, resulting in a reduction in pain and release of tension in the muscle.

It elicits the same response as with non-invasive trigger point therapy and deep tissue massage. Please ask one of our friendly staff for more information or book online today!

What Can Dry Needling Be Used For?

Dry Needling Of The Knee

The Melbourne Chiropractor in Broadmeadows, Westmeadows and Fawkner is here to help!

Our team of practitioners are fully equipped to perform dry needling and have also done courses in dry needling so that you have peace of mind during the session. All of our services are claimable through private health. Our clinics are Open Weekends, Online Bookings Available Now!