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Back Supports? The Big Problem

Back supports are a big part of the problem when it comes to back pain and decreasing the amount of time it takes to recover. You may ask why? This is what we will be explaining in this blog about back supports!

What Do Back Supports Achieve?

Back supports aim to increase the pressure around your abdominal muscle bellies to help prevent and secure you from over stretching or exerting yourself. Depending on the brace they may allow for the body to maintain a certain posture.

Why Are Back Supports Bad?

Back supports are great for maintaining certain positions when muscles are being engaged and you work a physical job although whilst sitting at a desk or driving a car this is when back support braces can cause more harm than good.

How Do Back Supports Negatively Impact Back Pain?

Long hours of back support during sedentary types of activity can cause muscles to weaken to the point where you are unable to function without the brace! Muscles get lazy if they are no being worked and being that the brace is doing their job for them the body begins to weaken in those regions.

What Is The Best Way To Target Back Pain?

Back pain sucks and it shouldn’t be something that stops you from living your life. The easiest way to start your journey is to visit a healthcare professional. Usually it is best to make an initial appointment and find out what is actually going on. No back pain is the same and should not be treated the same either.

How Do Chiropractors Help?

Our Chiropractors help by first assessing and diagnosing the problem at hand. Then after soft tissue therapies and chiropractic adjustments are used, with a combination of other various techniques to help decrease not only the pain but improve the overall function of the body.

If you are someone that is currently suffering from back pain our chiropractors can help get you back on track today!

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Do Posture Supports Really Work?

What is a Posture Support?

Posture Supports are brace like devices that work to keep your back in a straight position. They can help assist posture whilst doing strenuous activities or long hours of bent over work/desk work.

What is considered poor posture?

Poor posture is becoming more common as the world becomes technologically advanced and more sedentary over time. Many of these β€œpoor postures” that we see can be simply from desk work or from looking down at screens for prolonged periods.

Poor Posture Comparisons

What do posture supports do?

Posture supports aim to correct your posture by removing the pressure and the stress accompanied with poor posture. Great for short term but if you are looking for long term outcomes the posture brace may weaken your secondary muscles and overall weaken your upper back further. Also, even though your posture may look great with a posture support on it should only be worn for 3 hours at a time mean that the muscles that should be working to hold the shoulders back naturally no longer have to work to do this.

What can you do to improve your posture instead of posture braces?

*Note: If you are suffering from severe Neck pain, Low back pain, shooting pains down the legs, troubles lifting limbs due to poor posture, sciatica, headaches or joint pain and need help today, don’t hesitate to contact our team of practitioners who are always happy to help! Bookings are available online 7 days a week! https://themelbournechiropractor.com.au/book-now