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Top 3 Ground Sports For Summer 2023!

Some of us love to go sightseeing and do things that require little to no equipment! Our bodies are designed to exert energy and power without needing assistance from a secondary source. Unlike water sport activities we don’t need to be weary of the dangers of going to deep or far past our comfort zones, although watching out for inclines and hidden potholes can be quite the problem!

Summer doesn’t have to be spent in the water it just has to be enjoyable for you! Water phobia is a real thing but even if you don’t suffer from it here are some fantastic ways to engage in some form of exercise over the Summer of 2023!

1- Walking/Running – This is the best way to exert energy and build up your stamina over a period of time by creating a training protocol. You don’t have to be a strong runner or even fit to get yourself started. Training in simple intervals such as, running 5 minutes and walking 5 minutes and repeating is a great way to get started!

2- Tennis – The Australian Open is around the corner and let’s be honest this a fantastic way to get you out and about for a social game with some friends! No matter the skill set tennis is a sport that can be played by all ages. If you are worried about not being as good as  you first thought, get yourself a coach and maybe join the local club to get yourself going for this Summer 2023!

3- Bike Riding/Hiking – Both are great, one requires the use of equipment the other does not, but the great thing about it all is that it gets you up and moving. The great thing about hiking this summer is having the ability to travel to new places and see new things. It doesnt have to be a wild goose chase, it just has to be something that is comfortable for you! Bike Riding on the other hand is a less strenuous exercise as it requires less pressure onto the joints although is still a fantastic way to mobilise the hips!

Remember when engaging in any type of sport to keep yourself hydrated and slip slop slap over this summer! Sunscreen does more than just protect us from getting burnt, it can save our lives!

If you are currently experiencing any strains, sprains or back pains and are looking to put a stop to it, our team at The Melbourne Chiropractor at ready to get you sorted over this summer period!

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