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Top 3 Water Sports For Better Health This Summer 2023!

Water Sports are a great way of getting outdoors! Not only can they be quite challenging but they require a particular skillset that helps with mind/body connection. Water is also buoyant and can help decrease the pressure on the bodies joints as well as enabling for pain free movement in arthritic joints.

Being aware of your surroundings and taking into consideration your limits around water beforehand will help decrease the chances of injury and risk.

Top 3 Water Sports For Summer 2023!

1- Rowing – This is not only a great exercise for the back but uts quite strenuous on the cardiovascular system! This means that endurance plays a key factor in being able to move through the water for a period of time. Having the ability to train multiple areas of the body at once is a great way of getting started on your fitness journey and don’t forget to stay hydrated whilst doing it!

2- Swimming – Any type of swimming is a great start to improving your health and wellbeing. Be sure to have experience in swimming before travelling to far deep into water. If you are in a public pool stay within your limits and use a stroke that you do well without over exerting yourself!

3- Surfing – This is a great water sport if you are confident with waves and are already a strong swimmer. This requires not only to be able to swim through tough waters but also get onto a board and balance yourself without falling. This is allot to learn for beginners and usually the best way to get started would be getting a trainer or attending a group class to learn the ways of a seasoned surfer!

If you feel that water sports are not your thing there are always great ways to spend your summer on land based activities!

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