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Have You Missed The Boat For Better Posture?

Have you ever thought that as an adult, you have left it to late to improve your posture? That your rounded shoulders and a hunched stance are set in stone and you just have to live with it? There is a good chance you can still stand up taller again. Keeping a good posture is not as hard as you may think. It is often a matter of changing your habits and activities, along with maintaining good mobility and the strengthening of certain groups of muscles.

Why should you change your posture?
We are looking at the big picture here.

Our spine has its neutral lordotic and kyphotic curve so that our centre of gravity remains midline and the weight of our head is evenly distributed down the spine. Muscles surrounding the neutral spine then function synergistically to maintain the upright stance and prevent muscles or joints from being overstretched.

However, when our spine begins to change its neutral curve due to poor posture or habits, muscles will also function differently as a result of compensation. This is when one may experience chronic tightness and discomfort in those groups of muscles.
Due to the tightness of the muscles at the front of the chest, some people may have trouble taking a deep breath due to the lack of mobility of the rib cage. These postural muscle imbalances may also put people at higher risks of joint sprains and muscles strains due to the excessive stress on the spine.

What can you do now to help with poor posture?
Better awareness of your body position is the first step.
Being careful of how you are looking down at your mobile phones or computer screens is a good way to start. Look into your sleeping posture too, as lack of support in your mattress or pillow might cause strains overnight. Pay attention to one sided activity in your daily life (eg. Leaning on the arm rest while driving, carrying toddlers on one hip or holding up a phone between your shoulder and ears). Little things like that may gradually become a habit and tension will keep building into the muscles and joints.

Other than that, Chiropractors are excellent in helping posture dysfunction. By restoring movements to the restricted joints in the spine, you are giving your spine the chance to be more upright. With better
position of the spine and joints, you are engaging the proper group of muscles during sports or your usual workouts and exercises which can then reduce the risks of injuries. Postural rehab exercises can also help you maintain better posture in a long run.

Reach out today if you notice your posture needs attention, and your future self will thank you for it!

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Neck Humps & Chiropractic Care

Ever heard of a neck hump or are you someone that is currently from this postural change? Well thankfully our team of chiropractors are able to assist you with improving this hump using various treatments and techniques listed within this blog including ways to prevent the “neck hump” from occurring!

What Is The Neck Hump?

The neck hump also known as dowager’s hump is a condition that causes rounding of the cervico-thoracic junction. This can be seen in people from all walk of life including teenagers although can be seen more in females due to osteoporosis.

How Can I Prevent The Hump?

Prevention is always key and hence why maintaining correct posture when sitting, lifting and working will eliminate day to day stress which may implicate the area causing pain. Bit by bit stress in joints deteriorates the region causing both limitations in movement and of course symptomatic pain.

How Can A Neck Hump Be Corrected?

Correction is not always simple as both degeneration and compression are determine factors of improvement over time. Usually exercises can help strengthen the muscles in the area but that alone will not have an affect on the joint structure. Techniques such as the use of a dennerol can help improve the cervical curve of the neck but a routine must be formed daily to help correct it.

How Can Chiropractors Help?

Chiropractors aim to correct joint dysfunction hence why dowager’s hump is seen throughout our clinics in those with postural changes. Our chiropractors use adjustments and low force techniques including high and low impact stretching to lengthen and decompress the joints affected by the hump.

If you are someone looking to change your neck hump our team of chiropractors are here to help you out! Call on 9302 1023 or book online today to get your posture checked!

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