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Y-Strap Adjustment Chiropractor

Have you been looking for a chiropractor that uses spinal decompression techniques? In particular the Y-strap adjustment?

Our Fawkner Chiropractor Dr Andrew Koranic has been trained in the uses of the Y-strap and other spinal decompression techniques that may be of benefit for people suffering from certain skeletal issues.

Can Anyone Get Spinal Decompression?

Most people are eligible to have decompressive procedures, although for people with spinal fusions, severe disc disease/degeneration, osteoarthritis just to name a few are unable to have decompressive like techniques used on them as brittle joints and already loose bone within segmental joints can be an issue.

Thankfully on your first visit you will be examined and assessed prior to having any decompressive treatments done (if needed) including x-rays if it may be of benefit to understand and see entirely the severity of your degeneration, if any.

What Are The Benefits?

The Y-strap is a technique that helps reduce spinal tension through the body and enables the reduction of inflammation to take place within areas of concern. Unlike many other decompression techniques the Y-strap is able to instantly decompress multiple areas of the spine at the same time without the need for traction tables.

If you are someone that is currently looking for someone that uses the Y-strap technique and don’t know if this is a treatment that can work for you, visit our Fawkner chiropractor today to get an assessment and the essential treatment needed to help improve your health and wellbeing!

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