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Chiropractors More Than Just “Bone Crackers”?

We like to think that chiropractic care is much more than an in-clinic physical treatment. It is about health, wellness and happiness.
In the long run, we are helping your spine and muscles to change bad habits. Many postural problems are caused by strain and stress in everyday life. Although the human body is designed for daily activities like walking and standing, modern day lifestyles with sedentary desk jobs or mobile devices have presented new challenges.

When chiropractors help free up “stuck” joints, your spine and joints will be able to adapt to daily stress more effectively.
Don’t get us wrong, bad habits might not be the cause for all your problems, but they can more likely worsen your condition or aggravate your pain!

Chiropractic care keeps you moving! Movement is an important part of staying healthy. After your chiropractic treatments, most people find it easier to move their joints. When the spine is in better
alignment, tension around the joints and muscles can be reduced hence people can enjoy their day with freer movements and minimal discomfort.
You may also notice that you have better awareness of changes to your physical wellbeing. By working closely with a chiropractor to reduce your chronic pain and overall body functioning, you tend to be better able to sense when something is not quite right. For example, you will notice restrictions in your movements much sooner than you would if you struggled with daily stiffness and discomfort.

Chiropractors are trained and equipped with more gentle techniques to help with neuro-musculoskeletal issues in pregnant women, people with osteoporosis and infants.

What can you do outside of a chiropractic office?
While we work together in your appointment, treatment does not usually end there. There are also the things you can do on your own to help your body stay healthy and promote faster recovery.

Some examples are:

  1. Increase water intake to help reduce inflammation in your body
  2. Become aware of your body positions and posture (pay attention to the way you look at your
  3. Not sleeping on your belly as this will create more stress in your neck or pelvis
  4. Keeping up with your prescribed exercises to maintain your flexibility and strength in joints
  5. Take a 5-minute walk after your adjustments to improve your response to chiropractic care

There are so much more a chiropractor can help and advise on your health concerns. Our chiropractors are ready to help anyone that prioritizes good health and a pain free lifestyle.
We are open 7 days a week till late (and even on most public holidays).




Y-Strap Adjustment Chiropractor

Have you been looking for a chiropractor that uses spinal decompression techniques? In particular the Y-strap adjustment?

Our Fawkner Chiropractor Dr Andrew Koranic has been trained in the uses of the Y-strap and other spinal decompression techniques that may be of benefit for people suffering from certain skeletal issues.

Can Anyone Get Spinal Decompression?

Most people are eligible to have decompressive procedures, although for people with spinal fusions, severe disc disease/degeneration, osteoarthritis just to name a few are unable to have decompressive like techniques used on them as brittle joints and already loose bone within segmental joints can be an issue.

Thankfully on your first visit you will be examined and assessed prior to having any decompressive treatments done (if needed) including x-rays if it may be of benefit to understand and see entirely the severity of your degeneration, if any.

What Are The Benefits?

The Y-strap is a technique that helps reduce spinal tension through the body and enables the reduction of inflammation to take place within areas of concern. Unlike many other decompression techniques the Y-strap is able to instantly decompress multiple areas of the spine at the same time without the need for traction tables.

If you are someone that is currently looking for someone that uses the Y-strap technique and don’t know if this is a treatment that can work for you, visit our Fawkner chiropractor today to get an assessment and the essential treatment needed to help improve your health and wellbeing!

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