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All About The “Posture Pole”

What is a posture pole? 

Posture pole’s are a long foam roller that can be cut in half to lay flat on the floor. The goal of the foam roller is to be long enough to rest on the full length of your spine up to the back of your head.

How To Correctly Position Yourself On A Posture Pole?

The correct way to position yourself is to lay with your knees bent whilst resting on the posture pole with the back of your head touching and the bottom of your pelvis touching the length of the posture pole. It is then as easy as laying with your arms outwards in a scarecrow position with your palms facing up towards the roof.

Posture Pole Positioning

What Are The Recommendations?

The goal is to lay on the posture pole for as long as 10 minutes at a time. Usually at the beginning it may be uncomfortable meaning that 2 sets of 5 minutes may be better to start with or even 3 by 3 minutes throughout the day. A maximum of 15 minutes is enough to get the body stretched out for the day.

Why Use The Posture Pole?

The reason for using the posture pole is to eliminate tension, increase flexibility and allow the body to relax. It also helps you focus on something other than your electronic devices. Use this time to focus on your breathing and relaxation.

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