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Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

Pregnancy causes the body to go through many physical emotional and hormonal changes in such a short period of time hence why it is common for pregnant people to feel the stress and the strain during this period. Pregnancy is common for low back pain.

Is Chiropractic Care Safe During Pregnancy?

This is a Frequently Asked Question! Chiropractic care is tailored specifically for pregnancy care. Chiropractors who treat pregnancy do extra studies to understand how to best treat during each trimester of pregnancy. Be sure to find someone who has got experience and the correct tools to be able to treat for pregnancy including an understanding of what could be done to help reach your goals as a patient. As with anything remember that the earlier on you start to work on your aches and pains the quicker it will be to reach your goals. Chronic conditions that have been ongoing for more than 3 months can make things excessively worse in the long run and effect multiple areas hence why looking for care at the first sign of symptoms will make you better off!

Pelvic Pain

Pelvic Pain is the most common pain suffered during pregnancy. It is common for the pelvis to move more than usual due to the changes and expansive forces happening to prepare for the birth. This is why things can feel compressive and quite inflamed throughout the area. Our chiropractors will do their best to help manage the pain, ensure that the pelvis is in the correct position for birth and also encourage the use of certain exercises if needed to help strengthen the core muscles.

Pubic Symphysis pain

This is one of the worst pains, not only is it an awkward type of pain but with the added weight of the baby growing the front joint of the pelvis begins to stiffen up and the pressure begins to cause a tearing or pulling like pain in the crotch region. Being such an uncomfortable spot and hard to ease off our chiropractors have different types of techniques to help ease the pressure and tightness throughout the area.

Round Ligament Pain

The round ligament softens and stretches as the baby gets bigger. This in turn causes the ligament to get sore and at times can strain and cause discomfort through the lower abdomen. Our goal as chiropractors is to decrease this tension by using soft tissue techniques to eliminate pressure and tension.

Rib Pain

Rib pain is a common concern during pregnancy. Extra pressures through the ribcage can cause pinching or stabbing like pains when breathing in. This is usually seen in desk works due to their postures! Our goal as a chiropractor is to adjust the areas of concern by using low-force type adjustments and soft tissue therapies to enhance mobility and function within the area.

If you are someone that is pregnant and looking for a pregnancy specific chiropractor our team of chiropractors has a select few that are both experienced and trained in the field! We have both male and female practitioners to help assist and reach your healthcare goals!

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