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Are Massage Guns Worth The Investment?

About Massage Guns

The massage gun has become a quick an easy recovery tool among athletes and non-athletes alike. Because of the current range of prices we will be writing about the majority of massage guns you will see online in this post! So below are some points that show its effectiveness!

Can improve blood flow and release lactic acid build up

Lactic acid build up is caused by low oxygen levels in the muscles. After any strenuous activity, the body has a hard time breaking off this build up which causes cramps and soreness. The percussive force from massage guns improves blood flow and helps the body release lactic acid.

Quickly relieve muscle pain

Athlete or not using a massage gun can provide easy and quick relief as you can use the device wherever and whenever you need it!

Can help to prevent injuries

Sports injuries are often caused by cramps because the muscles haven’t been given enough time to warm up and get blood throughout the area. Using a massage gun for a few minutes before a workout or a sporting event can help blood and oxygen circulate better, preparing muscles for the activity.

Can help improve flexibility and range of motion

Using a massage gun increases blood flow and circulation to the regions it is used on this means that joints become more flexible and any foregoing soreness eliminated.

Can a massage gun replace allied health services or traditional massage therapy?

There is no denying the benefits of using a massage gun it’s portable and easy to use. However, the fact still remains that these devices, while powerful and effective, can’t replicate what trained professionals can do. If for example, you’re experiencing excessive muscle pain trained health professionals such as remedial massage therapists are able to isolate the problem areas and are able to adapt their treatment protocols to suit your needs. This is something that no gadget would be able reproduce!

Are they worth it?

Well if you are someone that is suffering from only mild soreness from working out and looking for a quick “drug free” pain alleviator then a massage gun may be of use. Although if you are suffering from acute or chronic episodes of pain it would be best to come in and see your local Chiropractor or Remedial Massage Therapist to see how we can improve your quality of life!


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