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Reflux & Colic In Babies

Reflux and colic is a common symptom found in babies which causes them to take in excessive amount of air causing them to feel uncomfortable and u settled throughout the day/night.

At times this can limit your child’s ability to sleep and hinder their development. As we know sleep is the foundation of a babies growth and must be taken seriously to ensure optimal function and wellbeing.

How Do I Know My Child Has Colic/Reflux?

– Sleeping Problems

– Struggling To Eat

– Unable To Put On Weight

– Pain or Discomfort In Chest

– Consistent Hiccups/Coughing

What Should I Do As A Parent?

Best plan when babies are suffering with reflux or colic is to visit a paediatric professional. Our chiropractors not only assess and diagnose your babies symptoms but we can treat the underlying cause without the use of pharmaceutical products.

How Does A Paediatric Chiropractor Help?

A paediatric chiropractor helps by using gentle techniques and motions to help correct issues in the babies musculoskeletal system. This can include specific areas such as the TMJ or low back (hip) areas.

If you are a parent that currently has an unsettled baby and are wondering what could be the causes. Our Paediatric chiropractors may be able to help decrease these symptoms and allow the baby to fully recover.

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