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Child Day Care Preparations in 2023!

Are you a parent that has a newborn and are worried about the germs, bacteria and crazy children that day cares can have? Well this is the child care blog for you!

How Do I Know What Child Care To Enrol In?

Every child care is different and you may be doing your research for months on end although the best thing to do is create a list of your top 3 care centres that are not to far away but also look like they cater for your child’s needs. Thankfully these days child care centres allow you to check out their facilities and see for yourself how your child could fit in and also ways in which they monitor the kids to ensure they are kept safe.

What Are The Benefits Of Child Care?

Child care enables children to socialise and engage with other kids their age allowing them to learn new skills and prepare them for their later years of interaction at school. Child care also gives children opportunities to make new friends and experience different things through activities.

What Age Should My Child Go To Child Care?

Child care is not a necessary thing! It is just another way to stimulate your child’s brain to get them use to being in different scenarios. This is all obviously dependant on whether or not parents are working. Day cares offer day to day based care where you can choose to only send your child 2 or 3 days a week allowing you to create some form of structure not only for you as a parent but also for your child to prepare them for Kinder/Montessori. Usually a great time for day care would be btw the ages of 2-3 years old. This is always a great time as not only will the kids grasp things and learn but they are able to move around themselves and be self sufficient.

Is Child Care Necessary?

In Short, No. This is just another way of structure your child’s week and also give parents the ability to work on those days.

What Else Can Be Done Instead Of Child Care?

Many Things! Taking your kids to extracurricular activities such as the library or different classes such as Gimberoo (activity based learning) or baby language/reading classes can all help stimulate your child’s brain.

How Can Chiropractors Assist?

Our Chiropractors work with pain but we also help correct structural imbalances and also have an effect on making changes to babies with colic and reflux. We have trained paediatric chiropractors who target regions with low force/ gentle techniques to enhance bodily function and wellbeing of your child.

If you are someone that has noticed any changes to your child’s posture, gait (walking) or are noticing that your child is suffering from colic/reflux our chiropractors may be able to help improve your child’s symptoms!

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