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Summer 2024!

Here Comes Summer! But where is the sun? 

Well unfortunately for Melbourne we have been getting cloudy but also very humid days, but what does this mean for the sun? In this blog we will explain the downsides to no sun but also what we should be doing to protect ourselves this summer to live a long and healthier life!

How Does The Missing Sun Affect Us?

No sun is actually a bad thing for Melbourne. This means that our beaches grow with algae and due to all the flash floods our water systems become contaminated. On top of that due to the degree of heat we have be subject to we can still get burnt by UV rays!

How Do We Protect Our Skin From The Sun?

We can protect our skin from the sun using sunscreen, hats and long sleeve clothes but also we want to be comfortable! Remember shade is your best friend and don’t forget even on overcast days we can still get burnt! But doing some type of skin covering over summer you will be reducing your risk of skin cancer and limit the damage done to your skin long term!

What Is There To Do If It’s Not Beach Weather?

There are heaps of summer activities which are great especially this time of the year! Some great summer activities include volleyball, golf, outdoor basketball or soccer and lets not forget about the tennis!

How Can Chiropractors Help This Summer?

Best thing about this period is the amount of physical activity that you can be doing outdoors but remember not to rush into thing to quickly and injure yourself! Thankfully our chiropractors are back to full speed during this period and are available 7 days late. If you are someone who is suffering from headaches, neck or back pain give our team a call on 9302 1023 or book something in online today!

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Baby Constipation!

Do you have a new born that is struggling during the day. Always feeling uneasy and sore? Constipation is a big issue for newborns and can be caused by various physical and environmental factors. In this blog we will be talking about babies with constipation and how our paediatric chiropractors in Melbourne can help!

How Does Constipation Start?

Constipation in babies can start from many different things. Food is always going to be the main cause and limited fluids. Allergies and other factors may contribute with this aswell as imobility of the child.

What Are The Symptoms?

– Decreased frequency of stools

– Straining on bowel movements

– Hard stools can be pebble like

– Bloated abdomen

– Spasms and cramps

How To Prevent Baby Constipation?

Baby constipation can be prevented by giving the baby a fibre nutritious diet that includes fruit and vegetables. This not only gives the child their well needed fibre intake to grow but also enhance other vitamins to build immunity. Increasing fluids and making sure water is given in their diet about from milk is also a great way to help supplement and get those bowels moving.

How Can A  Paediatric Chiropractor Help?

Our team of paediatric chiropractors can help by using mobilisations to increase bowel movement and help with constipation. Babies do not need allot of force and hence why specialized training must be done to assess, examine and treat issues such a constipation. Colic and reflux is also a common complaint treated by our paediatric chiropractors!

If you are someone that has noticed a change in your babies bowel movements our team of paediatric chiropractors can help! Call us on 9302 1023 or book online today.

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Child Day Care Preparations in 2023!

Are you a parent that has a newborn and are worried about the germs, bacteria and crazy children that day cares can have? Well this is the child care blog for you!

How Do I Know What Child Care To Enrol In?

Every child care is different and you may be doing your research for months on end although the best thing to do is create a list of your top 3 care centres that are not to far away but also look like they cater for your child’s needs. Thankfully these days child care centres allow you to check out their facilities and see for yourself how your child could fit in and also ways in which they monitor the kids to ensure they are kept safe.

What Are The Benefits Of Child Care?

Child care enables children to socialise and engage with other kids their age allowing them to learn new skills and prepare them for their later years of interaction at school. Child care also gives children opportunities to make new friends and experience different things through activities.

What Age Should My Child Go To Child Care?

Child care is not a necessary thing! It is just another way to stimulate your child’s brain to get them use to being in different scenarios. This is all obviously dependant on whether or not parents are working. Day cares offer day to day based care where you can choose to only send your child 2 or 3 days a week allowing you to create some form of structure not only for you as a parent but also for your child to prepare them for Kinder/Montessori. Usually a great time for day care would be btw the ages of 2-3 years old. This is always a great time as not only will the kids grasp things and learn but they are able to move around themselves and be self sufficient.

Is Child Care Necessary?

In Short, No. This is just another way of structure your child’s week and also give parents the ability to work on those days.

What Else Can Be Done Instead Of Child Care?

Many Things! Taking your kids to extracurricular activities such as the library or different classes such as Gimberoo (activity based learning) or baby language/reading classes can all help stimulate your child’s brain.

How Can Chiropractors Assist?

Our Chiropractors work with pain but we also help correct structural imbalances and also have an effect on making changes to babies with colic and reflux. We have trained paediatric chiropractors who target regions with low force/ gentle techniques to enhance bodily function and wellbeing of your child.

If you are someone that has noticed any changes to your child’s posture, gait (walking) or are noticing that your child is suffering from colic/reflux our chiropractors may be able to help improve your child’s symptoms!

To book online use the link provided or call 9302 1023 to book your first appointment today!

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Babies & Tummy Time!

Is your baby lying face up most of the time?

Have you found that their head control is lacking?

Are they struggling to roll?

All of these are common concerns of parents with babies that are finding it hard to do the above!

Tummy Time!

Yes, tummy time is a fantastic way to help increase your babies head control and neck musculature. It is pretty much a non negotiable and is needed to be done to ensure your baby is hitting their development milestones!

How To Get Started?

Tummy time is all dependant on babies needs. Some babies can’t handle anything more than a minute when they first start. The goal with tummy time is to increase the amount of time with each session and remember to monitor your baby to ensure they are safe.

Other Benefits Of Tummy Time!

– Stops Flat Spots In Cranium From Occuring 

– Improves Motor Skills

– Improves Sensory Skills

– Allows For Better Mobility

If you are noticing that your baby is finding it hard to engage in tummy time or is suffering from other symptoms such as colic or reflux our team of chiropractors may be able to help! 

We have specific paediatric chiropractors who have experience in treating common conditions in babies and children.

Call us on 9302 1023 or book online today to schedule in your child’s first appointment with our paediatric chiropractor!


Paediatric Care Near You!

Did you know our chiropractors treat infants and children?

What’s great about our profession is that we are given the ability to treat many different types of bodies with various techniques as we all know not one person is the same and not one method suits all!

Our approach to paediatric care is gentle and specific to areas of concern. For children under the age of 2 it is common to use low force techniques instead high velocity adjustments due to the nature of the spine whilst it matured. It is common for children’s aches and pains to go unnoticed but at times things such as colic and reflux can be a way of them telling us there is something more going on!

Common Concerns To See A Chiropractor For:

  • Pain
  • Growth
  • Co-ordination
  • Muscle Pain
  • Sleep Disturbance
  • Muscle Imbalances
  • Concentration
  • Circulation
  • Colic
  • Reflux
  • Bedwetting
  • Constipation

If you believe your child is suffering from reflux or colic or want to know more about what else we can help treat visit our website to find out more!

Our Clinic Offers Pregnancy Care and uses techniques that are specific for patients during their pregnancy!

If you would like to book in an appointment you can call us on 9302 1023 or book online today!

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Is Your Baby Sleeping At Night?

A quiet baby is considered a luxury to most parents although at times this isn’t in our control no matter what we do!

Sometimes babies decide to get sore or really gassy and in doing so they become uncomfortable.

Our goal here at The Melbourne Chiropractor is to provide a service that enables our practitioners to help assist and alleviate some of these symptoms that may be causing your child to feel this way!

Our approach to paediatric care is both gentle and concise and we have experienced professionals onboard in the industry who have dealt with children for many years.

Concerns That We Can Treat Include:

– Pain

– Muscle Imbalances 

– Sleep Disturbances

– Concentration 

– Colic

– Reflux

– Bedwetting 

– Constipation 

If you are someone who is unsure whether or not your child is suffering from any of the above symptoms, our experienced team of chiropractors are more than happy to do a check-up to ensure your infant is functioning to the best of their abilities! 

If you would like to know more you can call on 9302 1023 or book online at any of our Westmeadows, Fawkner or Broadmeadows Locations with one of our paediatric chiropractors!