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Baby Constipation!

Do you have a new born that is struggling during the day. Always feeling uneasy and sore? Constipation is a big issue for newborns and can be caused by various physical and environmental factors. In this blog we will be talking about babies with constipation and how our paediatric chiropractors in Melbourne can help!

How Does Constipation Start?

Constipation in babies can start from many different things. Food is always going to be the main cause and limited fluids. Allergies and other factors may contribute with this aswell as imobility of the child.

What Are The Symptoms?

– Decreased frequency of stools

– Straining on bowel movements

– Hard stools can be pebble like

– Bloated abdomen

– Spasms and cramps

How To Prevent Baby Constipation?

Baby constipation can be prevented by giving the baby a fibre nutritious diet that includes fruit and vegetables. This not only gives the child their well needed fibre intake to grow but also enhance other vitamins to build immunity. Increasing fluids and making sure water is given in their diet about from milk is also a great way to help supplement and get those bowels moving.

How Can A  Paediatric Chiropractor Help?

Our team of paediatric chiropractors can help by using mobilisations to increase bowel movement and help with constipation. Babies do not need allot of force and hence why specialized training must be done to assess, examine and treat issues such a constipation. Colic and reflux is also a common complaint treated by our paediatric chiropractors!

If you are someone that has noticed a change in your babies bowel movements our team of paediatric chiropractors can help! Call us on 9302 1023 or book online today.

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