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Summer 2024!

Here Comes Summer! But where is the sun? 

Well unfortunately for Melbourne we have been getting cloudy but also very humid days, but what does this mean for the sun? In this blog we will explain the downsides to no sun but also what we should be doing to protect ourselves this summer to live a long and healthier life!

How Does The Missing Sun Affect Us?

No sun is actually a bad thing for Melbourne. This means that our beaches grow with algae and due to all the flash floods our water systems become contaminated. On top of that due to the degree of heat we have be subject to we can still get burnt by UV rays!

How Do We Protect Our Skin From The Sun?

We can protect our skin from the sun using sunscreen, hats and long sleeve clothes but also we want to be comfortable! Remember shade is your best friend and don’t forget even on overcast days we can still get burnt! But doing some type of skin covering over summer you will be reducing your risk of skin cancer and limit the damage done to your skin long term!

What Is There To Do If It’s Not Beach Weather?

There are heaps of summer activities which are great especially this time of the year! Some great summer activities include volleyball, golf, outdoor basketball or soccer and lets not forget about the tennis!

How Can Chiropractors Help This Summer?

Best thing about this period is the amount of physical activity that you can be doing outdoors but remember not to rush into thing to quickly and injure yourself! Thankfully our chiropractors are back to full speed during this period and are available 7 days late. If you are someone who is suffering from headaches, neck or back pain give our team a call on 9302 1023 or book something in online today!

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Sunscreen For Summer 2023!

The sun is great especially for getting your source of vitamin D although during summer our Australian sun can be extremely harmful to us. This is why taking precautions over the summer holidays should be made to decrease the risk of sun damage. In this blog we will be talking about sunscreen and why it should be used!

Why Sunscreen?

Sunscreen is a fantastic way to keep covered by the sun! Studies show that uv rays find it hard to penetrate the skin and cause damage to the areas open to the sun. Sunscreen also stops you from getting burnt and significantly decreases your chances of developing skin cancers whilst being out in the sun having fun!

What Other Ways Protect Me From The Sun?

– Wearing a sun hat (bucket or brimmed hats)

– Wearing ling sleeve rash vests to the beach

– Finding shade outside 

– Using tents and umbrellas at the beach

– Avoiding extremely hot days in the daytime

– Wearing Sunglasses

Remember spending time outdoors is great but only if you are doing it responsibly! Keep yourself in check when it comes to being SunSmart and be sure to stay hydrated over the Summer period!

If you are someone who is suffering from headaches, back aches or even a sporting injury our practitioners at The Melbourne Chiropractor are here to help! Contact us on 9302 1023 or book online today!

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