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Pregnancy & Pelvic Pain

Are you someone that is suffering during your pregnancy? Does it feel like your pelvis is twisted and your body feels weak? Then maybe you are suffering from a well know pregnancy concern known as pelvic pain!

How Does Pregnancy Pelvic Pain Start?

Pelvic pain during pregnancy is common because of the added stress and weight from the baby. Your body struggles to keep up with the sudden changes of the bodies growth and in turn uses different postural changes to balance put the difference. In doing so, the pelvis begins to shift into an uncomfortable position and the muscles surrounding the area flare up and pull causing pelvic pain.

How To Prevent Pelvic Pain?

Pelvic pain can be prevented during pregnancy from the get go but this has to be done by changing your day to day activity. This can be things such as posture at a desk, sleeping on your side with a pillow between your legs or avoiding sitting and standing for excessive amounts of time.

What To Do With Pelvic Pain?

When pelvic pain arises movement is always key although depending on your progress through the pregnancy this can make things conplicated. Unfortunately excessive exercise can be harmful to the baby and keeping within your physical limits is key during the term of your pregnancy.

How Can A Pregnancy Chiropractor Help?

Pregnancy chiropractors help by increasing the joint space and creating positive changes through pregnancy specific mobilisation. There are also soft tissue therapies and stretches done to help alleviate pressure and tension within the area. Pelvic pain can become consistent and sharp meaning that gentle care must be taken to help alleviate the area.

What Does A Pregnancy Chiropractor Do Differently?

Pregnancy chiropractors help bridge the gap by using specific techniques to help alleviate pressure and tension within the body without harming the baby. Unfortunately general chiropractors who use heavy forces and rotational movements are not able to treat anyone who is pregnant. This is mostly due to the fact of having not specialised in pregnancy care and the different ways to help improve pain and function.

If you are someone who is suffering from pelvic pain and looking for a pregnancy Chiropractor we have a team of practitioners who are pregnancy specific. Book online today or call 9302 1023 to get yourself back on track today!

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