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All About Open Plan Vs Closed Practices!

Open Plan vs Closed Chiropractic office setups. What are the pros, what is the best option for you as a patient and how will it effect your healthcare experience?

What Is Great About Open Plan Practices? 

Open plan practices are great for the practice in terms of using limited space to create a vast setting to hold multiple patients in the same clinic. As a patient this is great in terms of being immersed in general Chiropractic care.

What Is Great About Closed Plan Practices?

Unlike open plan Chiropractic offices, closed plan enables patients to be sat in their own room. This allows for 1 on 1 with the practitioner and allows the patient to feel comfortable. Having a closed room with no others is also a plus when it comes to this style of practice as not everyone wants to be heard or maybe even seen by other patients.

What Should You Choose?

As a patient closed plan clinics are always the better option but at times this may mean you pay more for the luxury. Allot of open plan clinics have allot less overheads and therefore their style of having 3+ people in the same room allows for cheaper visits but also shorter sessions. At the end of the day it comes down to how much you want to pay for your own health and wellbeing.

Will Choosing Wrong Effect My Healthcare Journey?

Ofcourse not! The only real variable between the 2 types of practice is the practitioner. Are you seeing a sports chiropractor? Is your chiropractor knowledgeable about pregnancy care? Is Paediatric care something your practitioner has been trained in? These are all questions you should be asking and ofcourse researched before even booking in at whichever clinic you choose!

Thankfully our chiropractors are trained in many different fields of chiropractic care such as the ones listed above with our most experienced practitioner having over 15 years hands on experience in the chiropractic field. To book your first appointment you can call 9302 1023 or book online at one of our multiple locations in Melbourne!

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