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How Often Should I See My Chiropractor For Maintenance Care?

Chiropractic is generally seen as a natural form of therapy that works best when injuries first occur such as a slipped disc or headache. Whilst Chiropractic care is great for recovering from an injury it is also great at maximising your overall health and wellbeing.

Chiropractic care initially requires multiple visits as it takes time for the structure to change and adapt to the correct posture. It can take several sessions to feel changes and pain relief that is experienced.

Once pain begins to deminish its recommended to continue the care plan given as the body is still changing and improving over the course of treatment. Most times when pain does occur it can be due to a chronic condition which may have been going on for months or even years. Because of this your body may feel “great” when the symptoms have diminished but your body has gotten used to the pain and pressure it has been under for so long that it has forgotten what it feels to be “pain free”.

Once you have completed your chiropractic care plan your chiropractor may recommend maintenance care or wellness care which looks at upkeeping your functional wellbeing and ensuring you are constantly performing at your best. Depending on the amount of stress you put your body under you may come in fortnightly all the way up to once a month to get a treatment in to get adjusted.

Some of the benefits chiropractic care offers can include:

Ongoing healing

While some people may feel immediate results after only one or two Chiropractic sessions, this doesn’t mean you’re healed and unfortunately a number of people will drop off care at this stage and lose their progress. Healing is an ongoing process and regular adjustments may help accelerate that process.

Prevent injuries and limit future bouts of pain

Chiropractic care helps to make sure that the body is functioning at its best, making it less likely for injuries to reoccur. Your body may also have an easier time moving around and twisting into positions you once were not able to. Maintenance care may also help reduce pains that were existing prior to the main episode and can be diminished overtime without the use of pain medication.

Improved overall health

Chiropractors work on the bodies muscles and bones but also have an effect on the bodies nervous system. Regular chiropractic adjustments can help strengthen and enhance mobility whilst helping the body function at its best. In order for you to achieve optimal results with care exercises and stretches may be implemented to strengthen areas of weakness and also maintain mobility through restricted areas of the body.

If you have any questions regarding wellness care or maintenance chiropractic care, you can contact our team at The Melbourne Chiropractor or for an appointment you can book online today!