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Pregnancy Chiropractors 

What is the difference of a general chiropractor vs a pregnancy chiropractor? What makes them special, what more do they offer and how do they help with aches and pains differently?

What Is The Difference Of A Pregnancy Chiropractor?

Pregnancy chiropractors have specialised in certain techniques, adjustments and exercises to help alleviate a pregnancy patients aches and pains. Unlike a general chiropractor, a pregnancy chiropractor will use alternative methods to move joints, decrease muscle tension and stretch areas of concern without harming the baby.

What More Do Pregnancy Chiropractors Offer?

Pregnancy chiropractors aim to make changes to not only the body but prepare the body for birth. They can also make changes to the amount of pain and pressure felt in the pelvis especially in 3rd trimester. Pregnancy chiropractors also have the ability to eliminate common causes of pregnancy pain such as pelvic pain, back pain, headaches and round ligament pain.

When Should You See A Pregnancy Chiropractor?

The best time to see a pregnancy chiropractor is as soon as possible. Once the pain starts it will make the process a longer one and harder to eliminate. As your body grows during pregnancy the extra pressure in the abdomen and the changes to posture will make it just that little bit harder every week until action is taken. Getting a check up even without pain during pregnancy is a great way to minimize pains in the long run and prepare the body for an easy 40 week journey of pregnancy!

If you are looking for a pregnancy chiropractor in Melbourne our team of both male and female pregnancy specialists are available to help you on your journey! For more information about pregnancy care or what to expect on your first visit look into our website or call on 9302 1023 for more information. Bookings can also be made online with the represented pregnancy chiropractors across our clinic.

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