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Shooting Pain Down the Leg? Sciatica!

Suffering from that usual shooting pain down the leg? Find out in this blog the reasons of why it can occur and why it is a common back problem in today’s society!

What Is Sciatic Pain?

Sciatic pain also known as sciatica is an issue that causes compression of the sciatic nerve. This can be caused by many different joints, muscles and tendons in the body. Because of its origin and dense musculature surrounding, makes it susceptible to pinching.

Why Is Sciatica A Common Issue?

Sciatica is a common issue in this generation due to the amount of sitting and slouching at desks. Not only do people work from home but the issue with this is people seating arrangements. Ergonomic seating is a big issue and is a necessity to improve worker satisfaction and longevity in any business.

How Does Sciatica Occur?

Sciatic pain can be caused by many different things. This can involve muscles such as the piriformis which is located in the buttock region. It can also be caused by compression of the spinal nerves in the lower lumbar spine or pelvic joint. Each of these problems can be exacerbated with previous injuries which have caused spinal trauma such as disc bulges or fractures.

How Can Chiropractors Help?

Chiropractors examine the area that is pressuring the nerve. Being experts in both joints and muscles allows chiropractors to pin point the underlying issue and improve the symptoms from the get go. Chiropractors may use spinal adjustments or soft tissue therapy depending on the severity of the sciatic pain. Low force techniques such as activator methods and pelvic blocking may be used on patients with moderate-severe inflammation.

If you are someone currently suffering with Sciatic pain or just a general back pain our team of chiropractors can help get you back on track! We also offer Remedial Massage which may be of benefit if tight muscles are a cause of the issue.

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Can Chiropractic Care Help Pelvic Instability?

The pelvis has several nerves and muscles that pass through the area and refer to each other depending on the issue at hand. Pelvic pain is a complaint that may be experienced typically at the base of the low back, the Sacro iliac joints (SIJ) or in the sides of the gluteus maximus muscles.

What are the causes of pelvic pain?

Anterior Pelvic Tilt


Anterior pelvic tilts occur when the pelvis is moved towards the front of the pubis and the SIJ’s are lifted upwards. The feeling of this can be one of an extenuated low back curve which may be uncomfortable or even painful. 

Posterior Pelvic Tilt


Posterior pelvic tilts occur when the pelvis tilts backwards lowering the SIJ’s and bringing the pubis up. The feeling can be that of stiffness and a loss of the lumbar curve which can cause increased pressure on the intervertebral discs which may lead to degeneration.

Lateral Pelvic Tilt


Lateral pelvic tilt causes changes to “leg length”. This can also be caused by scoliosis of the lumbar spine and can cause instability between both sides of the body. This can lead to one side of the body in more pain than the other side and cause discrepancies in muscle tone between both sides.

Pelvic Instability

Pelvic Instability can be caused by trauma such as dislocation of the pubic symphysis during childbirth or changes to the sacroiliac joints where they become affected.

Symptoms of an anterior pelvic tilt can include pain at the base of the low back, a feeling of having tight low back muscles, thighs or hamstrings, or feeling a lack of strength in the gluteus and core muscles.

What are the symptoms of pelvic pain?

How can Chiropractic Care Help?

Chiropractic Care helps with pelvic concerns as joint mobilization and muscle relaxation helps with changing overall biomechanics. Pelvic pain due to tilting or rotation can be alleviated with simple spinal adjusting which involves the chiropractor in using a force that moves the joints into a particular range back to its “regular” state. A chiropractor may also use low force techniques such as drop piece or pelvic blocks which help to encourage the pelvis to sit in a more comfortable position to alleviate pain. The main goal of our team of chiropractors at The Melbourne Chiropractor is to restore mobility, range of motion, decrease overall pain and reset the joints out of alignment to help correct posture in the affected region/s. BOOK NOW

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